​​1/64 Scale: Highway Replicars

1.Kenworth NTFS Road Train +two(2) extra trailers. $850.00

2.Mack Green Livestock roadtrain +two(2)extra trailers $3000.00

3.Blue Mack roadtrain + two(2) extra trailers $3000.00.

4. Mack red/white roadtrain +two(2) extra trailers $3000.00

5.Kenworth Roadtrain Cyan/Blue +two(2) extra trailers $850.00.

6.Kenworth Livestock roadtrain Bagshaw +two(2) extra trailers $850.00

7.Mack Tanami roadtrain + two(2) extra trailers$1550.00

8. Mack Barkly roadtrain + two(2) extra trailers$850.00

9.Kenworth COE Bulls roadtrain + two(2) extra trailers $850.00

10.Kenworth McIvers roadtrain +two(2) extra trailers$1550.00.

11.Kenworth TNT Roadtrain + two (2) extra trailers850.00

 Autoart 1/18 scale

1. Ford XY GT-HO True Blue $425.00.

2.Ford Falcon XA GT Street Machine Candy apple blue $675.00

3. Holden LH Torana SLR/5000 Chamois $450.00

4.Holden LH Torana SLR/5000Azure blue $435.00

5.Ford XW Falcon GTHO Phase 2 Surfer Orange $445.00

​6.Chrysler Valiant E38 Vitamin C Charger $550.00

​7. Ford Cortina 1964 Allan Moffat Sandown 6 hour $350.00

8. Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase 3 Rothmans blue $750.00

9.Nissan Skyline Playstation Gran Turismo Nismo GT R34 $900.00



We have been in the model & Hobby Industry some 34 years.

We are suppliers of all the Australian limited editions & all the major Brands Worldwide .

We are located in Australia.

All prices include GST and are in Australian Dollars.

Find what you are looking for send me a email or phone & its yours.

Send your wants list we may have it in stock.


Biante 1/18 Scale.

1.Holden VK Peter Brock  HDT Commodore SS LE Group 3 Formula Blue $650



Classic Carlectables 1/18 scale

1.Custom Ute $299.00

2.1983 Bathurst Holden VH 3.Commodore Grice/Bond  $875.00

4.Peter Brock Sandown 400 Winner VC Commodore $495.00.

5.Ford XY Falcon GT HO Phase 3 ultra white $595.00